Tuesday, February 9, 2010

A big SHOUT OUT to Ola Zuri Szadiak

Welcome to an exciting month filled with activities celebrating a people of colour! It is Black History Month this month and there is plenty to see and do!

The Kelowna Immigrant Society, a non-profit agency, is proud to join with communities across Canada in celebration of Kelowna's second annual Black History Month in a week of celebration commencing February 15-26, 2010.

For two weeks, Kelowna will extend its hospitality to meet, greet and hear Black novelists, poets, biographer, historian, playwright, storyteller, children's authors and artist as they span across the city visiting the Kelowna Library, schools, gallery and other institutions as these modern day wordsmiths weaved their stories using the lushness of language, the gift of creativity that reminds us that the written word is indeed important for the retention of memory.

I have been invited to contribute in the Black History Month Celebrations across Kelowna and as an author who has messages of empowerment and inspiration to bring to all children, I am very pleased to be introducing the people in our community, the educators, families, and, of course, the children to this book, and the series to come, with topics relating to transracial adoption, adoption, racism, fitting in, foster care, questions about family, racial identity, and most of all, building a positive self esteem and positive self confidence in children.

Having said that, I welcome everyone to come out for another great day of friends, food, games, mentors, crafts, and tons of fun!! Mark your calendars for this coming Sunday, February 14, 2010, from 1 pm - 4 pm at the Boys and Girls Club in Rutland, on Hartman Road. The schedule has been attached for you to print off and keep on your fridge for the dates of all the sessions planed for this year. Our February session is going to be a Black History Month Celebration.

I look forward to this Sunday to join the kids in the fun and I can't wait to see you all! If you know of any friends, or family members, that want to come out and join our group, please feel free to invite them to tag along with you on Sunday! The more, the better!

Any questions, concerns, ideas, or you need to talk, please do! See you soon!

Ola Zuri
Children's Author, Mentor
"A place for the healing to start"
Unit 14, 440 Yates Road
Kelowna, BC V1V 2P1
250 860 7553
250 826 1256

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